Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1st....reallly??

The leaves are starting to turn, the colors are vibrant and beautiful, there's a chill in the air and fall has officially arrived!  How & when did this happen so fast?  Seems like I was yapping about the snow melting & being able to get outside & walk and now I'm gonna be heading back inside fairly soon!  For joy for joy....not!  I have enjoyed my outside walking, even though I fought it at first as I had (or so I thought) so much more fun inside the mall, the outside air has really agreed with me.  When I got home today I must say I caught a wiff of myself....phewwwwww.  Who knew I could possibly produce that much B.O. from a short hour walk/run in the cool, rainy weather?  I certainly didn't.  I think as I've gotten older the old body here does some funky stuff, the B.O. deal for instance, as well as the lack of hair deal.  Hair seems to be scarce these days, couple of  patches of what could possibly alarm me if I were so inclined to be alarmed on my head (which some days I am and some days not so much) as well as hardly any hair growth on my legs.....hey what's up with that deal. I would be liking the fact that it cuts down on those disposable razors!!  So watch out girls, as you get older stuff starts to disappear, and other stuff starts to happen. I won't go into other details but don't say I didn't warn ya!!!! 

The Casella "silly" picture!!  Even Emilio & Walter
got a bit silly!!! Who knew......
So here we go boys & girls, what to talk about, hmmmmmm......first of all I'd like to say thank you to all that expressed condolences regarding my aunt's passing.  Some of you didn't know the connection so here's the skinny.  My father had a brother, Ralph Jr., a.k.a. Juney, (not sure if that's with an "ey", an "ie" or just plain "y" but you get my drift) who was married to my Aunt Irene in 1953 and they adopted my cousin, Lynn in 1965 as an infant.  Unfortunately (and I believe sometimes God works in mysterious ways) my Uncle died 9 months later from lung cancer!  So my Aunt Irene spent the rest of her 85 years raising & caring for my cousin Lynn.  I think they were blessed with Lynn because someone "upstairs" knew that my Uncle wouldn't be around and Lynn was sent to them so my Aunt would  have someone!!  As I recall the nuns made the miracle happen as normally when a person is diagnosed with a disease that most likely is going to be their demise, they are not given the gift of being able to adopt but the nuns made it happen.   Long story short, they had each other until the end.  They stayed in Pittsfield, MA until my cousin's husband got a job in Colorado.  They moved out there with her 2 children and left my Aunt in Pittsfield.  My Aunt then joined them out there, sort of as a trial and hated it, moved back east, alone and last spring Lynn had to make the decision to fly my Aunt back out as she just couldn't live alone, well without someone very close by as her driving left a bit to be desired.  So they were all out in Colorado when my Aunt suffered an aneurysm.  Very quick & very unexpected, woke up in the morning and was gone by the afternoon/evening. 

I drove out to the funeral in Pittsfield to represent the Casella side of the family and I must say I was very impressed with the wonderful tribute my cousin put together for her mum, it was a beautiful, beautiful service complete with a 41 minute video of pictures from the past & present.  So  moving for me to see not only myself at the ripe old age of 5 or 6 but also my Uncle Juney, my Grandmother and just pics from the 1950's of family, nice nice job!! 

Lynn with my dad, her Uncle Tony, getting a much
needed hug & kiss!! 
Lynn made that 3-hour trip back to NH on Saturday to get together with us all for lunch at the Dinnerhorn in Portsmouth.  We had a wonderful time and everyone was able to visit, laugh, cry, laugh some more and took lots & lots of pictures.  Lynn will be heading back to Colorado on Wednesday and the "snowbirds" are actually leaving tomorrow, Tuesday, 10/2.  So it's off to the airport for us tomorrow, get them all settled and headed south.  Hopefully they'll put their Florida home on the market and get their butts back here in the spring to stay permanently.  I had hoped this would happen sooner than later but you know how old people operate, can't push 'em as they have their routines and priorities, etc.  So little nudges at a time and I think they'll follow thru this year, hopefully. 

Still able to walk my 4.5 each morning and today had a very surprising chat with who I assume is a school teacher at Gilford.  As I was running along Alvah Wilson Rd., I'd just got to the entrance to the High School when a girl came over to the side of the road and I could see her mouth moving.  I took out the half of ear bud I use when walking, (I leave the other attached to  my shirt so I can hear the traffic or a stalker or mugger coming up behind me!!!)
and stopped.  She asked me if I was the person she sees every day running & walking along the main road. I told her yes and she told me she's been watching me all spring until school got out and then again since school began (which is why I assume she's a teacher or at least works at the school cause she didn't see me all summer, she was probably home in bed as I was out walking at 5:30 all summer!!!!)  She told me she's just started walking/running herself and had lost 10 lbs. and knew I'd lost some weight since she'd last seen me, asked me how much, told me she was impressed that I was out there every day and that she could tell I'd lost weight.  She told  me to keep up the good work!!  First time ever that has happened to me and I must say it made my day!!!  So thank you Gilford High School teacher whoever you are....!!! 

The Ferguson Clan....l-r Bobby, his wife Susie, John, his lovely wife Jilly, oh
wait, that's me...., Kenny who would be Gail's better half along side Gail, Bob "K" & the
camp director Nancy then Richard bringing in the rear (where he belongs!!)
We had a little Ferguson gathering of the siblings last week, but those of you who follow me on facebook have probably already seen the "funny" picture the waitress took.  We try and get together each September and we use the birthday boys as an excuse.  We were missing Pat this year as she is in England but the rest of the sibs & spouses were all there in full force!!  And we had so  much fun & many laughs!! 

My great nephew, Charles, turned 1-year old yesterday. It hardly seems possible a year has gone by since he came into the family, my my my time seems to just be flying by.  Could it possibly be the older we get the faster time goes by?  Not sure but sure seems like that to me. 

Last week John was out 7 days straight!!  Last night when I cooked dinner it was the first time since last Sunday he'd eaten at the house!  2 plumbing seminars, a snowmobile pot luck supper, dinner out with the neighbors, sibling get together, movies Saturday night so last night he was tired & very anxious to have a homemade meal.  I bought this new "Progresso" meal starter or sauce starter or something like that.  It's in the tuna, canned spaghetti, macaroni & cheese isle in the grocery store.  It's just a sauce (ya ya I know, probably loaded with all kinds of bad stuff for ya but get over it!!!!) that you add other ingredients to and voila, ya get a meal. I picked the "garlic & something" sauce which gave a recipe for "chicken pot pie" and Johnny thought it was deeeeeeelish!!  I didn't eat it as I have my own special food I eat on my diet but I did manage to grab a small fork full and I must say if I liked chicken pot pie (which I don't) I would've been tempted to cheat on my diet!!  It was very good.  Ya just add chicken and veggies to this sauce, along with a few other ingredients, and put it in a pie shell,  and bake it up....smelled & looked yummy.  The recipe called for "frozen" veggie mix but I got 3 small cans of carrots, french style green beans & peas and threw those in the pan instead and worked quite nicely.  So if you're looking for something different, it's quick, it's easy and oh so good. 

Lots of birthdays this month with a few anniversaries mixed in as well, 7 total so I'd better get to CVS and stock up on my cards!!   Well kids, that's  my life in a nutshell this week.  I am really not a very interesting character, just slugging along here but I do manage to entertain myself quite nicely!!  Holiday weekend coming up, Columbus Day, and you all know what that means.....Sandwich Fair!!!  It's pretty much a tradition in these parts although not sure why we go every year as it's the same vendors, same animals, same junk for sale, same greasy food.....but we do have fun!! 

Until I return here to chronicle my dull, boring and try and do something good for someone else daily!! 

Happy 1st Birthday Charles, even though this
was an older pic from June!!  You're
still a cutie!!  And that would be
the lovely Molly accompanying Charles!

My cousin Lynn & my brother, Michael Anthony!  A couple
of Casellas just hanging out.....

The End~~~~~~   

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Where did the summer go?

Goodbye summer, hello fall!!  How did this happen so fast? I can't believe that September is half over already. The summer flew by and although I love the fall/winter season the best I don't like the fact that time really is passing by at what seems the speed of light.  Or perhaps it could be my age has something to do with it....!!! 

Let me see what is new & exciting in my otherwise dull, boring life.  We (Johnny and I) did manage to get the pool closed up, pool house cleaned out and all the pool furniture/toys put away (for the little critters to play with over the winter)! He's been dabbling with the paint on the house now for what seems like 2-3 months.  He'll get out the ladder, his paint & brush and do a few (as many as time will allow) boards and then it's on to something else.  He's a man of many projects.  About 2 weeks ago he informed me he was totally done painting all he needed to paint.  Then over the weekend he had the ladder out again and was at it once more.  I just walked by and shook my head, what's a girl supposed to say?  In this case, nothing!!  At least he's keeping himself busy, while driving me nuts at the same time.

Johnny & Dave worked tirelessly on Dave's rock/block wall only to have to take it all down and start over.  Long story, which I won't go into too  much here but wrong blocks ordered, correct ones reordered and started from square one.  Only lost 1-1/2 days of hard, intense labor.....oh well, they're only 66 & 63 respectively and pretty impressed they can out work most 40-year olds, no make that 30-year olds!!  True!!

Race weekend coming up this weekend.  Not overly excited about this race, not sure why. Probably because I know there's too many other things happening that I should be doing and not sitting down at the race track in our motorhome, eating & drinking stuff I shouldn't be!!!  Once we get there it'll be fine & lots of fun but dreading the thought of packing up the motorhome, especially after I worked one whole entire day cleaning and scrubbing, scrubbing & cleaning after Dave had stayed in it for 5 or 6 weeks up in Pittsburg.  Need I say more?  It was a toilet (in my eyes surely not his) and it's a sparklin' now.  I'd say that with the project he's got going on at his house (the new patio project) that this will most likely be our last excursion for the season in the motorhome and I'll have to turn around and scrub it down and get it ready for winter after we return from the track, including getting the carpets cleaned.  We usually head out on Columbus Day weekend but not sure that's going to fit into the schedule this year.  

Emilio & Shirley Casella!!  xo xo
Dad & Shirley are leaving October 2nd, back to sunny Davenport Florida, along with Auntie Eleanor & Uncle Walter.  Hoping this is their last trip south.  They've decided (or so they're  making me think) that they are going to sell both NH & Florida homes and get a year-round home here in NH somewhere. The place they live in over in Rochester is a summer only place and the Florida place is a mansion, way way way too big for 2 people, plus Emilio is going to be 87 this November and with a little health scare last year right before coming back to NH, thinking they'd like to spend the rest of their days up here with family.....yaaaaaaa us!!  So we'll see how serious they are about putting both places on the market.  I'd love to have his place in Florida, well that would be only if I enjoyed Florida and the sun & heat, which I don't so not sure why I'd like their place, except it's beautiful, in a great gated community, right on a golf course.  So fingers crossed they aren't fibbing to me and get going when they get to Florida and get an agent, etc. 

This is our first year in many many many years that neither John or I aren't officers or directors of our snowmobile club.  It's going to be nice not to have to worry about processing 100's & 100's of memberships until 10-11:00 every night, getting newsletters out, etc.   I'm hoping for a banner year this year so we can enjoy our new found freedom, although John will continue to be a "groomer", just not have the beast parked in our front yard and be the keeper of it & all things related to it, field the phone calls of people complaining about the trail conditions, etc.  For joy for joy, it's certainly gonna be nice!! Now if only mother nature comes thru with a good year for us so we don't have to trailer north every weekend just to ride!

I continue to walk my 4-1/2 miles Monday - Friday but it's getting increasingly harder as it doesn't get light now until after 6:00 and during the summer I was just getting home by 6:10 or so, now I'm just leaving. It's thrown a monkey wrench into my schedule but only in my own mind, as I really have no set schedule.  I'm just a nut job, who is quite anal about such things as routine, etc. and when it's disrupted I get ugly and irritable.  I really look forward to my hour each day too and not looking to change up my schedule and walk later in the day so not sure what my next move is gonna be.  I've heard they're building a fitness center about 2 minutes down the road from my house but not sure of any details.  Someone told me it's a doctor's program or some such thing, not sure what that means but assume it's a place where you need to get your doctor to send you there? Which must mean you need to be a real fatty?  I have no clue and have a few feelers out there to find out for me cause I'd love to do a gym workout, only if they have a weight room.  I'm not gonna do jumping and aerobic stuff, but would love a structured lifting routine.  So I'll keep ya posted on that, I know, I know, you're all just sitting on the edge of your seats with anticipation!! 

Author & former
Captain Luis Carlos Montalvan!
"Tuesday"....such a handsome boy!!

Oh most important post.  I made a 3-hour trip (one way) to Shelburne Vermont this past Sunday to meet Fmr. Captain Luis Carlos Montalvan & his trusty golden retriever Tuesday.  If you haven't heard of him or this book you need to run, not walk out and pick it up. It's a great great super great book about him and his struggles with PTSD and how Tuesday, his service dog, saved him.  The title of his book is "Until Tuesday" and on a scale of 1 - 10, I give it an 11 for sure.  It'll make you laugh, it'll piss you off, it'll make you cry, and it'll make you very proud that we have such dedicated people in our armed forces serving our country!  If I've never recommended a book to anyone, I'm recommending you pick this one up.  I am friends with Luis on facebook and he's not some stuffy author who wrote a book about his poor poor life and is sitting back reaping all the fame and fortune from it.  He's still living with PTSD every day and will continue to live with it, but functionally, for the rest of his life. But he's chosen to talk about it and how important it is that the rest of the world understands the struggles our veterans are faced with.  He's a genuine guy, he's also a very likable guy and down to earth. He'll answer every single e-mail personally, as he said in his talk Sunday, he has no one answering his e-mails for him, he does it all himself.  I am very proud to have attended his talk and to be able to now call him a true friend.  "Until Tuesday" by Luis Carlos Montalvan.  His web site is 

Well boys & girls, it's time I hit my office and get some invoices out to generate some $$$ coming back in.  I guess I've babbled on enough about nonsense, until next time (whenever the mood strikes me!!)

Make someone smile today!!! 

Do as I do...when you see a veteran
shake his/her hand and thank them
for their service! Sure does make me
feel good! I have quite a collection of "American flag"
pictures I've taken over the years, some day I may
put them all in a book. I love taking pics of the flag, makes
me proud to be an American!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Forgot June, July &'s September already!! it is, September 4th and no posts from me all summer...what's up with me anyway?  Busy busy busy, not!!  Just lazy lazy lazy!  Now that fall is here I'll try harder because you all know I lead such an exciting life, not again!  My only excitement is my walking and the goings on in & out of the mall.  More happens inside the mall than when I walk the streets but I've actually had some interesting thoughts & comments I'd like to share & pass along to you all so here goes................

I've spent the entire summer walking Monday - Friday, almost every single day, 4.5 miles.  Started out as 3.5, I increased my route and added the other mile and enjoying it very much, especially being able to walk outside versus the mall halls!  I thought I enjoyed the mall until I was able to get outside and there's no comparison.  But the day will come when I'll be forced back inside but until then I'll continue to walk outside.  Because I walk outside and it was 5 a.m. all summer not much to report at that time of the morning.  Now I'm up to about 5:50 or so, that's how long I have to wait until I feel safe out there on Rte. 11A, with the cars whipping by at about 65 mph...seriously people.  I've resorted to wearing my bright orange vest in hopes that they'll see me a bit better and not buzz me quite so close!! 

So here's my take on the outside walking deal.....there's a guy in a silver/grey Dodge pickup truck who parks almost every day down by the pond behind Gilford High School....Mr. Man, what are you doing there every day?  Watching the girls who are using the track behind the school?  That's creepy. I would get your plate # and make a call but I can't see that far to write it down......are you a teacher who is having his last smoke before you head to school? I doubt it as you were there all summer, I can't see if you have binoculars and are checking people out but there aren't too many people out at 6 a.m. so what's your deal guy? 

Today on my way home from walking, about 1/4 mile from the house there were 2 kids who were waiting for the school the rain (granted it had just started but really kids, no sweatshirt or jacket?) well they both had ear buds in their ears and were listening to what while waiting for the bus?  Really? 

Yesterday I walked on my day off (well all my days are days off but that's another story) and I didn't leave until about 6:15 or so and the sun was up, it was nice & bright out so I decided to take a side route to my regular walking/running route and ended up adding almost a mile and by last night my legs were killing me...what's up with that?  You'd think that the 4.5 miles I walk 5 days a week would toughen me up just a bit but nope, walking like a 60-year old...oh wait, I am 61 now...!!  duhhhhhh.....

And to the guy & wife who walk a couple of mornings a week.....a) if you aren't a morning person and don't want to say "good morning" and smile to me when I say it to you then DO NOT make eye contact with me.  The guy gives me a big wave and says good morning, the wife? Nope, she looks my way and then looks down, no smile, no wave no nothing.   But back to my story....this morning here they are walking together, the guy in a bright orange vest like mine so the traffic would see them, the wife in a regular pair of shorts & top, no vest and the guy is walking on the "inside" and she's out in the traffic...huh?  what's up with that guy?  Don't you know the guy is always supposed to walk with his companion on the inside while he is on the outside, didn't your momma ever teach you that? 

Morgie started 6th grade last week...where did those years go?? She turned 11 in August and is far beyond her years, for sure.  She played softball all summer and is thoroughly into it.  She's signed up for fall ball as well.  Then it's on to volleyball. 

We're wrapping up our snowmobile club duties this year and will be "free agents" after many years of organizing events, holding meetings, planning work parties, etc.  We will only be obligated to partake in the ones we feel like being involved in!!!!  Yaaaa us.  John has given up his presidency and I've moved away from the secretary/treasurer's duties as well.  No groomer sitting in our front yard this winter, now that'll be nice not seeing the big orange blob out front!! Wooo Hoooo! 

I've been reading up a storm lately. I get in these reading moods and read book after book after book.  Just finished "The Litigators" by John Grisham last night.  Fantastic book although some parts were a tad hard to follow when they got a bit carried away with legal stuff but I skimmed over those parts and on a scale of 1 - 10, I'd give it a 9.5 or 9.6 for sure. 

There really is/was so much more to talk about but I'll be damned if I can remember any of it right now.  So it'll have to wait for another day I guess.  I probably won't blog every single day but will certainly try and keep up with this more than once every 3 months, promise!!  I'll post a link on my facebook page so you'll know when I've posted because I just know you're all on the edge of your seats waiting & waiting for my postings....ha ha ha!  Still cracking myself up!! 

Until the next time the spirit moves me to blog, farewell my friends, I'll try and be more interesting!  Not sure if I have any pics to post but when I'm done typing & proofing I'll check & see what I can come up with.

And don't forget to smile today...........

Monday, May 14, 2012

It's May and where have I been????

April has come and gone, May is almost half over and where have I been? It's been a while since I've blogged and not sure why, well actually I am back on facebook now and so didn't really now if anyone even reads my foolishness here.  I started this blog just to blog about my silliness walking every day at the mall over the winter.  Had lots of fun and lots of observations but now that I am out in public walking, well let's just say there isn't too much to blog about, esp. at 6 a.m. 

But I will amuse you here and let you know what I've been up to...not a whole hell of a lot.  Walking every day, 3-1/2 miles, and still yet to lose 1 lb. but I try and not let that bother me. 

Morgan has started softball and is trying her hand at pitching this year.  For a first timer, she's not doing too bad.  They've won every game so far (I think) and she's gotten either a hit or walked every time up at bat as well.  She's become quite a little ball player......!! 

Ummm, let me think what sister-in-law Geri turned 60 and we attended a surprise birthday party for her given by my brother, Ralphie.  Got the motorhome out of storage and cleaned top to bottom, ready to rock & roll Memorial Day weekend.  Headed to Maine for the weekend to Aunt Lorraine's where Johnny will plant her garden, David will tend her lawn/yard work and I'll just sit around and read, maybe eat and maybe drink!! 

So that's it in a nutshell, pretty dull life.  Headed to the airport today to pick up my Aunt & Uncle who are coming back from Florida.  Dad & Shirl come back next week, another trip to the airport but we love to do it for them. 

Rainy Monday but I'm sure you can find something to smile about.....really!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday!

No walking today, nothing to blog about really.  Well did a killer workout at Zumba last night, umm...downloaded Hulu on my iPad and on the recommendation of my Podcast girls (the satellite sisters) I am watching "Life after tomorrow", a documentary about all the females who've played or starred in Annie.  I think I'm really gonna love this iPad deal!!! 

Have a good day & keep smiling!!! 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sunny Wednesday!

The sun is finally out today, at least for a while!  It's been so long since we've seen the sun it's not funny!  Guess I am ready for summer, well I'd actually like a season half way between spring & summer, no bugs, no humidity but sun is fine, how about a warm, sunny day, not too hot, not too cold! 

Got my car back yesterday.  I'd been having a problem with it crapping out, very little power, like 20 mph on the flat, 5 mph coming up my hill was the most I could get out of it.  Seems the computer died and had to be replaced, thank goodness I purchased the extended warranty!  This is the second time I've purchased an extended warranty on a car and it's paid off for me....yaaa for the extended warranty!  Love it, especially when the service department manager just hands me the keys with an invoice of a $0.00 balance and gives me a big smile......yipeeeee!~~

Advanced tickets go on sale today at the Meadowbrook for Santana, who is coming in July!  I belong to the "Inner Circle" and get to purchased 4 advanced tickets 2 days before the general public.  We aren't supposed to broadcast that these tickets are on sale 2 days in advance or our privileges will be taken away, hey wait a minute, we "pay" for this privilege, and we pay dearly so how can you take that away Mr. Meadowbrook?  Plus the fact that the entire world knows that "Inner Circle" members get preferential privileges so not sure why we need to be mum on the advanced ticket sales...but at 10:15 I'll be on-line getting my 4 tickets. Love Santana a whole bunch.....

Back to the mall walking, which was the original intent of this foolish, idle chit chat "no nothing" talk's just not the same with no one in there walking with me to chat about so my mind just wanders and wanders...a) walked thru the door by Subway this morning and was bombarded with the awful smell of "sewer" stunk so bad I was looking for a floor drain in the mall to see if there was sewage coming from it...found nothing.  Maintenance guy came waltzing thru with his Dunkin' Donuts coffee, said good morning and I immediately asked him what the smell was.  He couldn't even smell it....he said something about allergies but I'm thinking his smell might be a bit off from all the alcohol he consumes nightly (or at least I think he does as he always looks hung over)!!  He was going to investigate but I'd already looked for the dead body and couldn't find one.  Actually yesterday while I was walking a youngish girl came in with a small child who was probably around 2 or so and they were just wandering around the mall, the mother took the kid into the play area, put her down on the floor and proceeded to change the kid's diaper...ewwwwww....and I'm wondering what she did with that nasty ass diaper.  Most likely put it in the trash and maybe that what the smell was....yuck is all I can say!  Guess they don't empty the trash every night, I actually did peek into one of the many trash bins and there was trash in all of them so they in fact don't empty them each night!  b) lawn chairs are out and on sale (I think) at CVS, pic to follow.  Not sure why they display them way way way up on the top shelf of everything, and now sure how the 5'3" clerk is going to get one down should someone want to buy one...!  c) Speaking of CVS not sure what they were doing in there today but all the lights were on early (7 a.m.), doors open and strange people wandering around, maybe doing inventory? There was just lots of action going on.  d)  I think Shaw's is trying to compete with Sam's Club or BJ's cause not only are they selling patio tables & chairs,  small chest freezers, Adirondack chairs, but today they had storage bins out there (pic to follow).  I would think that they'd sell better about August when kids are heading back to college, not when everyone is coming home from college, but what do I know about retail sales....nothing!!!   e)  last but certainly not least, American Eye Care is having a sale on glasses (pic to follow).  So if you need a new pair get on up there and check 'em out. 

That's my story for today...oh ya, I also did see a post on facebook from one of Johnny's best friends from childhood, David Powell, that the USS Thresher went down 49 years ago yesterday.   The Thresher was a nuclear submarine built, at PNSY and was going out for what I think they call sea trials, (I could have some of this wrong but I think I'm somewhat close), it's where the guys who've worked on the sub get to go out with it, into the ocean and maybe do the checking to be sure all is running as it should be?  Well obviously something went wrong that day as it went down and never came back up, and I can't remember how many men lost their lives that day but over 100 and I had some classmates who lost fathers that day.  I am pretty sure I remember my father telling me "he" was supposed to be on the Thresher that day but wasn't and can't remember why....I was 12-years old and I can remember that day like it was yesterday, sad sad day in Kittery that day! 

Don't mean to bring you all down but did want to send that tribute out....the men will never be forgotten who were on the USS Thresher that day! 

Now today my thanks......I am thankful for hot sauce!   Had an egg white scramble for breakfast today and put tons and tons of Tabasco on was so yummy!!   Have a great day, keep smiling people, it truly truly doesn't hurt or cost you anything to do it!  It's free!!!!!!!!!! 

Big sale happening, get on up there!!  

At Shaw's, really??? Thought I was at BJ's or Sam's Club! 

While you're shopping for laundry soap just grab
a lawn chair and you're good to go!!! 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Day after Easter bloat......

Ugh, why did I eat so much yesterday?  Just a tad bloated today but did my walk and Zumba tonight so hopefully in a couple of days I'll be back to normal (whatever normal is for me!!!)

We had a beautiful Easter Sunday with all the family (Ferguson side) except for Amy, Chelsea, Richard & Pat, and Ben.  Everyone else was there, I think 24 total.  Fun times and great food, met baby Charles for the first time and got to see how big Miss Sylvie has gotten, she's a little cracker jack that one!!  I do have all my pics posted on facebook but will post a couple here for my friends with no facebook!

Did my 2-1/2 hour Zumba-thon Saturday with Wendy and had a blast.  We had no clue what we were doing, but had the most fun.  We were stuck in the back, well we didn't want to show off in front of everyone so we decided the back was the place for us, and consequently we couldn't see the instructors very well but we had fun doing our own thing anyway.  I only wish I'd snapped a few pics, drat, what was I thinking? I'm usually so right on top of things when it comes to pictures too!! I guess they raised a boat load of $$$ for the Dartmouth Hitchcock Pediatric Intensive Care Unit!

OK, so I walked today and  it was dark, no lights on, just the emergency lights, for about the first 10 minutes or so, no one up there but me and the Shaw's workers.  Maintenance guy came strolling in after a while and proceeded to dismantle the  Easter Bunny station where the pics were taken on Saturday.  He was so totally thrilled to be doing that, not, that he was just dropping the  decorations into a box. I can imagine how they'll look come next Easter!!  That's pretty much my whole walk today, watching him throw stuff into a box!  oh ya, the pretty colorful Adirondack chairs at Shaw's (pics in my past post) are now marked down $2.00 and are $19.99.  Still a tad bit high compared to some I've seen but still not sure on the quality, perhaps the quality is a bit better, not sure. 

So that's it folks, nothing exciting, got thru Easter, met the Atlanta Kotsonis family who have relocated to NH, fingers crossed on the sale of their house down there, and then the hunt will begin for them to find a place to call home in NH!! 

Today I am thankful for family....after spending the day with everyone yesterday it seems fitting.  We usually go around the room and say what we're thankful for when we all get together for various celebrations and we didn't do that yesterday but the majority of the responses are usually "I'm thankful for family", so that'll be my answer today! 

Smile and brighten someones day, is there an apostrophe after the "s" in someones?? Not sure!!!  Oh ya, one more thing, when we went thru the toll booth yesterday I gave the toll taker $5.50 and told her to let the next "however many this would pay for" thru for free.  She looked at us very inquisitive as if no one has ever done that before, well I actually haven't but thought it was a pretty good idea on Easter, to spread some thanks around!!  So to the 7 people behind us at the Rochester NH toll booth, you're welcome!!! 

Just a few Easter pics....

Chloe, Morgan & Josh, I refer t them
as the "cousins" (which they are)!! 

Charles, giving Brooke's finger
a little chew!  Can you say "teething"??

Sylvie & cute are these 2???  Too cute!!

And of course, here's my girl....Morgie!!  Love this picture of her!

Nancy & Rick trying to organize or I should say finalize the
table setting, while Kenny takes a short break!